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Flawless White Set

Flawless White Set

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The flawless Silky White Set will give you complete quick action with spotlessly silky white skin 5-6shades👆👆

It also works effectively for stubborn/tough skin within 14 days and with consistent usage, skin cleara, brightens, glow and whiten healthy 🌺🌺

Please, this set is for fair / stubborn skin people only.

Package includes:
✅Flawless Silky White lotion
✅Flawless White Soap
✅Whitening Scrub
✅7d extreme white body oil
✅Flawless face cream
✅3d whitening Vit C face serum
✅Balancinf face toner
✅Fruity whitening face soap

Price: £250

✅Strong action whitening results within 14 days

✅Super effective to whitens stubborn skin & leaves flawless skin.
✅Fade blemishes, hyperpigmentation, age spots, discoloration & Stretch marks
✅ Deep moisturise & nourishes the skin

✅Brightens & lightens dull complexion.


E-Wax, Steric acid, cetyl acid, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, distilled water, snow white powder, alpha arbutin, giga white, glycerine, Extreme white oil, glutathione, latic acid, mulberry extracts, anti stretch oil & green vein oil, vitamin E, germal plus, fragrance.

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