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Half Cast Whitening Soap

Half Cast Whitening Soap

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Half Cast Super Whitening Soap is Formulated with Ghana Herbal Black Soap.

It is a natural soap that is known for its cleansing and nourishing properties. 

Half Cast Super Whitening Herbal Soap is Super effective to help improve the overall appearance of the skin and even out skin tone.


•Whitens up to 3Shades and gives a clear, smooth and spotless skin tone.

•Exfoliate to help improve skin texture and tone.

•Help with Mild Rashes, Pimples, Acne, and blemishes.

•Brightens dull Complexion to Polish and glow healthy Skin.

Ingredients: Ghana Black Soap, Carrot, Orange peel powder, neem powder, sandalwood powder, camwood, papaya, lemon oil, tea tree oil,  turmeric, aloe vera gel, mulberry powder, 

Active Ingredients:kojic acid, snow-white powder, salicylic acid, white liquorice powder, allation, half cast whitening oil, anti-pimple and stretch marks additives, glutathione powder, repair oil etc

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